Upcoming projects for this year

I've got 3 projects in the works right now:

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Jim

The last few months have been a real push to get The Heart of the Sands out, and I hope you readers out there enjoy it. But now that it's out, I'm working on:

  1. The Name of the Sword, the 4th and final chapter in Morgin and Rhianne's saga.
  2. A prequel to A Choice of Treasons in which we meet young York Ballin at the age of twelve. He starts out as a rotten little shit--a real juvenile delinquent.
  3. Just a Bit More Dead, the third book in The Dead Among Us. Paul and Katherine are going to have a heck of a time as the demons get even nastier, and so do the damn faeries.

Lets take a closer look at each of these.

The Name of the Sword

Beware the power of the self-forged blade, for even a flawed blade can undo the mightiest.

Morgin has his work cut out for him. Let's see, he must:

  • Escape from the Kingdom of Dreams where he is being held by the Unnamed King and god-queen Erithnae.
  • Stop the Lesser Clans from all-out war, regardless of how stubborn and pig-headed Olivia and BlakeDown may be.
  • Right the 6th wrong: Free the soul of the Fallen One
    But who the heck is the Fallen One, and how does he free him?
  • Right the 7th wrong:Free the heart of the Benesh'ere
    Remember: the Benesh'ere will not be free until they stand north of the Ulbb, but they will never cross the Ulbb until they are free. How is he going to figure that one out?
  • Return to Kathbeyanne (the city of glass) in the middle of the Munjarro, where he must fulfill Metadan's prophesy and ask three questions.
  • Rescue Rhianne from Salula--easy, right? And try not to be gutted by that obsidian blade in the process.
  • Rescue France from Salula by killing Salula without killing France. Remember, he's already killed Salula once, but that didn't kill the demon Salula, it killed his host. But even if he figures that out, will France have any sanity left?
  • Learn to control the true GodSword so he can defeat the Dark God. But he must get the Dark God to manifest on the Mortal Plane, because he can't be defeated on the Nether Plane. But the Nether God won't manifest unless he himself controls the GodSword.

And Morgin can do none of this without Rhianne

Prequel to A Choice of Treasons

Twelve-year-old York Ballin thought he could make some easy money by mugging an old woman. But she died of a heart-attack in the process--felony murder--so the courts sentence him to life, without parole, at hard labor on a mining asteroid, where the life-expectancy of a young boy can be measured in months. But York is given an alternative: enlist in the Imperial Navy.

The Navy should be a piece of cake: free food, free clothes, just learn some of the rules and then figure out how to game the system. But very quickly he learns some hard lessons. And he comes to the realization that if he doesn't shape up, they'll vent him alive to space.

Just a Bit More Dead

Paul begins to suspect that nasty-serial-killer guy has come to San Francisco, and is stalking him and Katherine. But no one believes Paul because serial-killer guy isn't following his Dallas MO, he's not doing the Alice-in-Wonderland thing. Paul also begins to suspect there's something extra special about the demon serial-killer guy is using, something deadly and unusual--as if demons aren't normally deadly and unusual.