Signed with Open Road Integrated Media

Contracts signed for Treason's Child and A Choice of Treasons:

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Jim

A year and a half ago I attended the World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio. I sat in the audience during a panel session moderated by Steve Jackson, the well-known game designer and publisher of Pyramid magazine. About ten minutes into the panel, someone mentioned self-publishing, so Steve asked for a show of hands of those who had tried self-publishing. About four of us raised our hands, then lowered them. Steve then pointed at me and said, "So how'd it go?"

I think he was expecting me to give the answer that most self-published writers would, that I sold a few books, but certainly nothing dramatic. Instead, I was able to truthfully say that my books had gone viral, and that I'd sold over 30,000 in the previous year. BTW: the number is now over 40,000 and headed toward 50,000.

On that panel was Betsy Mitchell, who has been a New York science fiction and fantasy editor for more than 30 years, holding senior positions at Baen, Bantam Spectra, Warner Books, and the Random House Publishing Group, where she spent ten years as Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of Del Rey. Betsy now provides top-level editorial services, and also works with Open Road Integrated Media. After that panel session Betsy and I sat down to talk, and as a result of that meeting I recently signed contracts with Open Road for two books.

Open Road is going to take over marketing and distribution of A Choice of Treasons, one of my hard, science fiction space operas. The people at Open Road are pros who really know what they're doing when it comes to marketing. I've also signed a contract to deliver an original eBook, Of Treasons Born:

In A Choice of Treasons York Ballin is a lifer in the Imperial Navy, fighting in a war that has lasted for generations, and his only hope at an honorable discharge is the grave. But what were the events that led up to York's reluctant enlistment? What spawned York's almost fanatic loyalty to his friends, and his doubts regarding the imperial uniform he once wore with such pride? This novel, a prequel to A Choice of Treasons, sheds light on the early life of the complex character who is the hero of this series.

I am really thrilled to be working with people like Betsy and her colleagues at Open Road.

I don't know Steve Jackson at all well, have never really been introduced, but I think I owe him a great, big debt of thanks.