The Dreadmark Covenants (coming-of-age epic fantasy trilogy)

cover art for The Dreadmark Covenants

3-Book Series:

  1. Dread Child
  2. Dread Spirit
  3. Dread Witch

Is the birthmark on a young boy's arm just a patch of discolored skin, or the dawn of an ancient curse?

Young Ket is the half-breed son of a Scairn bondservant and an unknown Duchies man. To him, the birthmark on his arm is just a smear of discolored skin. But the wizard Kainborne sees in it the Dreadmark, a portent of both evil and greatness. With his mother murdered, and him kidnapped by Kainborne's assassin, Ket must survive the enemies about him. But can he survive the curse of the Dreadmark?

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The Blacksword Regiment (hard science fiction series)

cover art for The Blacksword Regiment

4-Book Series:

  1. A Hymn for the Dying
    For many, the dying part is hard. For some, the living part is harder.
  2. A Dirge for the Damned
    Damned if I die today, Cursed if I live tomorrow.
  3. A Prayer for the Fallen
    Many fall and weep for their loss. Some fall and claw their way back up.
  4. A Requiem for the Forsaken
    Forsaken, damned and dying, a bad day all around.

On the war-torn planet Novalis III, in a city that's been bombed into rubble, sixteen year old Mathius spends his days scrounging for food and water to feed his father, mother and sister. Mathius must avoid the rebel factions, who kidnap young boys and force them to become soldiers.

Will the Commonwealth of Allied Systems intervene? What of the elite Blacksword Regiment? And the Kelk Supremacy, a race of strange humans with blood-red eyes, and pale bluish-white skin. Why does Mathius keep seeing signs that they are somehow involved?

This series follows Mathius through the tragedy of Novalis III, and on to a new life as an officer in the Commonwealth Security Corps.

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The Treasons Cycle (hard science fiction series)

cover art for The Treasons Cycle

2-Book Series:

  1. Of Treasons Born
    There is no honor in treason, but sometimes only treason can satisfy honor.
  2. A Choice of Treasons
    To save himself, he first had to save two empires...but when he tried, his options were limited to a choice of treasons.

“An excellent military SF novel, part Hornblower, part Wiggins. It had me from the first page and held on for the rest of them” (Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times–bestselling author) regarding Of Treasons Born.

York Ballin is a lifer in the Imperial Navy fighting in a war that has lasted for generations, and his only hope for an honorable discharge is the grave. He rarely recalls his childhood, which began with a mystery and ended at age eleven when he was given a harsh choice: Join the navy or face certain death on a prison asteroid. This series chronicles his journey from youthful criminal to experienced naval officer fighting to save two empires from mutual self-destruction.

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The Gods Within (epic fantasy tetralogy)

cover art for The Gods Within

4-Book Series:

  1. Child of the Sword
    When gods and wizards go to war, it's best to just find a good shadow and hide.
  2. The SteelMaster of Indwallin
    Can one ever rule both the steel within, and the shadows without?
  3. The Heart of the Sands
    When the steel no longer rules, only then can the shadows within be mastered.
  4. The Name of the Sword
    Beware the power of the self-forged blade, for even when flawed, it will undo the mightiest.

"...a magical world of witches, wizards and war in this high-energy first installment of an epic-fantasy series...A fine fantasy novel that will provide readers with a good weekend escape from reality" — Kirkus Reviews

Kindle Book Review Editor's Pick

"This book grabbed from the start. I finished it and had to pick up the 2nd one right away."—A. C.

Prisoner of a clan of witches, a young boy clashes with the evil old matriarch. Can he master her magic and survive?

Rat is no ordinary thief. A small feral child, he steals what he can to feed the gnawing hunger in his gut, though nothing can satisfy the hunger in his soul. But he has a special talent that the wizards and witches of the clans covet, so Clan Elhiyne abducts him and gives him the name Morgin.

Can he escape the scheming of the clan's calculating and manipulative leader, the matriarchal old witch Olivia? And as he grows into manhood, can he survive the inter-clan rivalries, and the hatred that smolders between Olivia and her arch-enemy Valso, leader of Clan Decouix?

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The Dead Among Us (contemporary urban fantasy series)

cover art for The Dead Among Us

3-Book Series:

  1. When Dead Ain't Dead Enough
    The dead should ever rest in peace, but when dead ain't dead enough, the living should fear for their mortal souls.
  2. Still Not Dead Enough
    When the dead refuse to rest in peace, perhaps they just need a helping hand.
  3. Never Dead Enough
    No matter how dead the dead are, they're just never dead enough.

"I loved the humor and the emotions from each of the characters…a fast paced action filled story line" —A.C.

"Another cracking read from Mr Doty…great characterization and plot…cant wait for the next installment…buy this man's work you won't be disappointed."—D.G.

Paul knows wizards, witches, demons and ghosts don't really exist except in fantasy books, though he is sharing his San Francisco apartment with the ghosts of his dead wife and daughter. But Paul knows they're really just hallucinations, and he's concluded that he's just plain nuts.

Then there's Katherine McGowan. She's awfully good looking, but she thinks she's a witch. Yah, right! Paul doesn't need a nut-case like that in his life. And don't forget the two midgets in clown suits who think they're leprechauns.  Boy, does he have a thing or two to learn.

Can he escape the Primus Caste demon from the Netherworld that covets his soul? And what of the Secundus Caste that wants to enslave him? He's going to have to take a crash course in killing big, bad hoodoo demons, or lose his soul for all eternity


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cover art for The Thirteenth Man

The Thirteenth Man (hard science fiction with a strong romance element)

Beware the curse of the thirteenth man, for should he not fall, all may fall before him.

Charlie Cass returns from five years in a squalid POW camp to find the nine Dukes and the King conspiring against each other, and plotting with Charlie's old enemies. As interstellar war looms, he's forced to assume the mantle of the thirteenth Duke de Lunis, who, according to legend, is destined to fall beneath the headsman's ax. But if he can survive the headsman, all may fall before him.

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The Deck of Chaos (dark fantasy series in a Regency setting)

cover art for The Deck of Chaos

2+(in progress)-Book Series:

  1. The Thief of Chaos
    The Paths of Chaos lead only to damnation.
  2. Chaos Unbound (working title)
    The dead are ever restless in the Valley of Bones.

Jaxon is the son of an impoverished nobleman. When his father dies, his older half-sister and half-brother throw him out onto the streets of Val d’Ossa. The city is not kind to a young boy, especially one who is a little bit pretty, and to endure, he learns some brutal lessons.

He has an unusual talent he calls his instinct, which helps him survive as a thief. But an agent of an anonymous nobleman wants to hire him to steal a valuable figurine, a very dangerous proposition.

Can Jax and his lover, the beautiful harlot Maelleen, survive the machinations of the High Noble Houses? And what of the Witch who rules the city of Val d’Ossa? If the High Nobles are involved then so too is she, and Jax wants nothing to do with the evil, old woman.

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