The Deck of Chaos

The Deck of Chaos series is a mix of urban fantasy and general fantasy that takes place in a fictitious Regency era setting—think Jane Austin and the first half of the 19th century. It occurs in the city of Val d'Ossa, and after the first book some of the action takes place in three nearby city-states: Lieudess, Del Fransika, and Palvestra. The Witch of Val d'Ossa rules the city and the High Noble Houses, though there is always intrigue close at hand.

The Thief of Chaos (book 1)

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The paths of chaos lead only to damnation.

Jaxon is the son of an impoverished nobleman. When his father dies, his older half-sister and half-brother throw him out onto the streets of Val d’Ossa. The city is not kind to a young boy, especially one who is a little bit pretty, and to endure, he learns some brutal lessons.

He has an unusual talent he calls his instinct, which helps him survive as a thief. But an agent of an anonymous nobleman wants to hire him to steal a valuable figurine, a very dangerous proposition.

Can Jax and his lover, the beautiful harlot Maelleen, survive the machinations of the High Noble Houses? And what of the Witch who rules the city of Val d’Ossa? If the High Nobles are involved then so too is she, and Jax wants nothing to do with the evil, old woman.

The Thief of Chaos
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Chaos Unbound (book 2 working title)

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The dead are ever restless in the Valley of Bones.

Since Jax’s visions apparently want them to go south, the Witch makes plans with the Carkoskas and Naesmyths to go seek the figurine. But Jax’s affinity for the small statue grows stronger each day, a fact he's kept hidden from the old woman and her apprentice, though not from Maelleen.

Jax wonders what dangers await him and his lover when they go south? And since the Witch and the High Nobles will allow them no choice in the matter, what difference does it make?

Chaos Unbound
will be available 2023.

????? (book 3)

Will there be a third book?

I hope so. I think so, probably.

Writers generally fall into one of two categories: plotters or pantsers. Plotters carefully plot out their story before writing it. I know one fellow who puts together a 30 page outline/synopsis before he sits down to write the first word. Pantsers fly by the seat of their pants as they write.

I tend toward the pantser side of the equation. I do carefully plot out my stories, but I always begin by pantsing for a bit, which allows the characters and story-line to flesh out organically. Then at a certain point I stop and carefully plot out the story and the elements of which it's constructed.

At this point in time I only have about 10K words finished on Book 2, so even the title of Chaos Unbound is merely a working title that might change. It's quite possible I'll wrap up the series in two books, though I doubt it. But one never knows. I'll know a lot more once I've finished Book 2.