The Dreadmark Covenants

Map of the Dreadlands

The Dreadmark Covenants is a coming-of-age epic fantasy series that takes place in the Dreadlands, which consists of the Three Realms:

The Four Duchies

The Lowland City-States

The Mountain Kingdom of Mythria to the north

Three hundred years ago there were seven Duchies. But Domaxus the Conqueror led his armies out of the Lowlands and exterminated three of them. And now, war is an ever-present threat along the borders of the Three Realms. Carthagen is the largest and most prosperous of the city-states. But Marius, the Senatus Supreme, is slowly dying, and his heir, Macimillian, is a weak man with a penchant for drink. The Four Duchies would love to pick at the bones of Carthagen.

Dread Child (book 1)

cover art for Dread Child

Is the birthmark on a young boy's arm just a smear of discolored skin, or the nexus of an ancient curse?

Young Ket is the half-breed son of a Scairn bondservant and an unknown Duchies man. To him, the birthmark on his arm is just a smear of discolored skin. But the wizard Kainborne sees in it the Dreadmark, a portent of both evil and greatness. With his mother murdered, and him kidnapped by Kainborne's assassin, Ket must survive the enemies about him. But can he survive the curse of the Dreadmark?

Dread Child
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Dread Spirit (book 2)

cover art for Dread Spirit

Available soon. Scheduled for full release in June 2024

Dread Host (book 3)

cover art for Dread Host

Available soon. Scheduled for full release in September 2024

Dread Lord (book 4)

cover art for Dread Lord

Available soon. Scheduled for full release in December 2024