At the beginning of Child of the Sword

The Greater Clans

  • Decouix (dominant among the Greater Clans)
  • Rastanna
  • Vodah

The Lesser Clans

  • Elhiyne (dominant among the Lesser Clans)
  • Inetka (sworn to Elhiyne)
  • Penda
  • Tosk (sworn to Penda)


  • The Benesh'ere, the exiled tribe

Personae Decouix

Illalla:King of the Greater Clans and head of all three
Merriketh Alaella:wife to Illalla and mother of his children
Valso:only living son of Illalla and Merriketh, and heir to the throne of the Greater Clans
Haleen:only living daughter of Illalla and Merriketh, called The Mad Whore by some
Thandin:an emissary to Elhiyne
Andra:minor Decouix nobleman
Degla:minor Decouix nobleman
GeorgeAll:minor Decouix nobleman

Personae Kullish

Salula:Captain and commander of all Kulls
Verk:a Kull captain, subordinate to Salula
Mook:a simple Kullish guardsman

Personae Elhiyne see family tree

Olivia:Head of Clan Elhiyne
Bertak:Olivia's father (deceased)
Hillell:Olivia's mother (deceased)
Karlane:Olivia's husband (deceased)
Malka:Olivia's oldest son and heir to the leadership of Elhiyne
Marjinell:Malka's wife
MichaelOff:oldest son of Malka and Marjinell
Brandon:youngest son of Malka and Marjinell
Roland:Olivia's youngest son
AnnaRail:Roland's wife
DaNoel:1st child of Roland and AnnaRail
Annaline:2nd child of Roland and AnnaRail
JohnEngine:3rd child of Roland and AnnaRail
NickoLot:4th child of Roland and AnnaRail
Morgin:adopted child of Roland and AnnaRail
Hellis:Olivia's younger sister, took her own life in suicide (deceased)
Tulellcoe:Hellis' only son, conceived by Illalla in an act of rape
Alcoa:Marchlord of the western reaches that border on Penda
Eglahan:Marchlord of Yestmark, sworn to Elhiyne
Packwill:a scout, sworn to Eglahan of Yestmark
Annen:bastard son of Eglahan
Abileen:a sergeant of men
Dannasul:a childhood friend of Morgin and JohnEngine
Durado:an old man who maintains the waystation at Kallun's Gorge
Samull:Durado's son
Gorguh:Elhiyne stable master
Erlin:Elhiyne stable boy
Valken Surriot:a twoname who fought with Eglahan at the battle of Yestmark
Cortien Balenda:a twoname who fought with Eglahan at the battle of Yestmark
Hwatok Tulalane:a twoname advisor to Olivia
France:a common swordsman

Personae Aud

Aiergain:Queen of the free port city Aud, aka the Queen of Thieves

Personae Penda

BlakeDown:Head of Clan Penda
ErrinCastle:Blakedown's oldest son and heir to the leadership of Penda
Anja:a very young girl of minor status

Personae Inetka

Wylow:Head of Clan Inetka
Carmet:Wylow's wife
SandoFall:Wylow's oldest son and heir to the leadership of Inetka
Edtoall:a minor Inetka lord and father of Rhianne
Matill:Edtoall's wife and mother of Rhianne
Rhianne:the 4th of Edtoall and Matill's four daughters

Personae Tosk

PaulStaff:Head of Clan Tosk

Personae Benesh'ere

Angerah:ruler of the Black Council
Jerst:WarMaster of the Benesh'ere tribe
Blesset:Jerst's daughter
Jack the Lesser:a Benesh'ere bowman

Personae Celestial

Attun:a mythical god
Unnamed King:knows all names but his own
Erithnae:god-queen and consort to the Unnamed King
Aethon:the last Shahotma King

Personae Angelicus

Metadan:an archangel
Ellowyn:an archangel
Laelith:a faerie

Personae Common

Raffin:a merchant, also known as Fatpurse
Mathal:a fruit vendor
Ott:a peasant
Gulk:Ott's wife
Ikth:Ott and Gulk's son

Personae Nether

Beayaegoath:the Dark God and ruler of the ninth hell of the netherworld
Bayellgae:the venomousss demon flying sssnake
ElkenSkul:the demon namegiver
Mortiss:Morgin's unusual horse, also known as the DeathWalker