I've been writing code for decades and, at one time or another, have coded in Fortran, Pascal, OOP, 68000 Assembly, X86 Assembly, C, C+, C++ and C#. I've benefited enormously from shareware and publicly available, free coding examples and tutorials. In doing so I've developed some pretty useful code, and this is my effort to return the favor to the community.

CSS Dropdown Menu Tutorials

This includes a detailed tutorial and extensive examples for:

  • Multi-level CSS dropdown horizontal menu bar
  • Multi-level CSS flyright vertical menu bar
  • Controlling how these elements fit within a web page
  • Formatting and customizing them
  • Animating the menus for some cool effects

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Managed DirectX 3D Code

Sample code is provided for:

  • Main program application initialization and interface, which is not trivial
  • An extensive Graphical User Interface
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping

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Scramble Code

Scramble e-mail and other code to block spam bots.

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