Download a free MDX GUI, compatible with SlimDX, under the MIT license. To download it click on this link:

After you download it, extract the files to a subdirectory, and you can then open the solution in C# 2008.

With this July 2009 release it's rather complete. Since the June release I've added modal FileOpen and FileSave dialogs, and numerical edit components that qualify the numerical entry against maximum and minimum allowable values.

I use DirectX code to model some scenes for book covers and other projects. In the process I developed a rather extensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) for my Managed DirectX (MDX) applications, though since Microsoft stopped supporting MDX after the August 2007 release of their DirectX SDK, I've had one foot stuck in August 2007.

I say one foot because, while I started with the GUI in the August 2007 release, since then I've made extensive modifications to it. I've corrected a number of bugs, eliminated a lot of undesirable features, and added quite a number of features it originally did not include.

The GUI includes:

Screen shot of the MDX, SlimDX GUI
  • check boxes
  • radio buttons
  • radio button groups
  • edit boxes
  • command buttons
  • dropdown combo boxes
  • list boxes
  • static text
  • modal dialogs
  • dragable dialogs
  • sliders
  • tab controls
  • tabbed page controls
  • tools for customizing the GUI
  • a modal gui based MessageBox similar to System.Windows.Forms.Messagebox
  • a modal gui based SaveFileDialog similar to System.Windows.Forms.SaveFileDialog class
  • a modal gui based OpenFileDialog similar to System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog class
  • a full implementation of a Change Device dialog box

In 20009 I ported my MDX applications over to SlimDX. The first thing I ported was the GUI, though I haven't ported the tab controls yet, and I've decided to offer it free, under the MIT license, to anyone who wants it. The first release was in March 2009. This July 2009 release is basically complete.

I've packaged it with a demo application (see the screen shot above) that shows some of its capabilities and how to use it. The GUI and the demo application are independent of the SampleFramework that shipped with SlimDX.

I've tested it under the March 2009 release of SlimDX and the Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express compiler in DEBUG mode.

Some things I still need to do are:

  • comment source code more extensively
  • provide some documentation to supplement the demo and comments in the source
  • test it properly in RELEASE mode.

If there's enough interest I'll accelerate work on the above list. And, of course, feedback is appreciated.