Download a free copy of Microsoft DirectX SDK Parallax Occlusion Mapping sample ported to SlimDX, under the MIT License. To download it click on this link:

Screen shot of the MDX, Parallax Occlusion Mapping application

After you download it, extract the files to a subdirectory, and you can then open the solution in C# 2008.

At this point it's extremely robust, won't hang on you. There is one problem that came with the original application as coded before I ported it. Once the model has been moved in world space, the shadows and specular components are not cast correctly. Start the application and press and drag the right mouse button to rotate the model around a bit. Then press and drag the middle mouse button to move the light about. It's not hard to create a situation where the light is to the right, but the shadows and specular reflections are cast up or down, not to the left as they should be.

I've struggled over the code for several hours but have not been able to isolate the cause. If anyone figures it out, please let me know.