If you've gone through the Horizontal Menu Tutorials, then there's no need to reiterate the basics here. The basic topics that were covered there were:

  • World Wide Web Consortium
  • Browser compatibility
  • The Cascade in CSS
  • Downloading code examples
  • Best practices: default.css and <div>'s

Also, keep in mind that this tutorial assumes the reader has already gone through the horizontal tutorials, so the explanations here include less detail to eliminate repetition.

Example pages

This tutorial begins with the an example page that includes:

  • the <div>'s defined in the horizontal tutorial,
  • a complete and fully functioning horizontal menu bar,
  • a place-holder <div> for the vertical menu bar,
  • a link to default.css: download here,
  • a link to tutLayout1.css: download here,
  • a link to tutNavH3.css: download here.


Time to create the menus

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