What is it?

The Amazon Report Manager (ARM) is a macro enabled Excel spreadsheet that automatically creates readable summaries and charts of the Royalty Reports a writer can download from Amazon. It's free, and can be downloaded here. For more information, read on.


Like any self-published writer, I depend a great deal on Amazon's Royalty Reports. Unfortunately, they're just a bucket of raw data, when what I'd really like to see is a summary in tabular format. It would be nice to look at Net Units Sold as a function of Time, and broken out by Market, something like this:

Sample Report

And while it's wish-list time, it would be great to have the data charted, like this:

Report Chart

But whenever I wanted to see something in this format, it took a great deal of manipulation to set it up, so some months ago I decided to fix that. I produced a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet that offers that functionality, and I'm offering it here, free, to anyone who might find it of use.

Amazon Report Manager (ARM) is offered free under the GNU General Public License v3.0, the details of which can be viewed here.

To use it, all you need to do is download AmazonReportManager.xlsm, enable the macros, and go. There are a few minor things to set up beyond that, but not much, and ARM has built-in code that helps with the setup.

ARM includes some very useful features such as:

  1. When an author selects the Prior Months' Royalties link on the Amazon Reports web page, detailed reports on sales and royalties can be downloaded. But, of necessity, the data consists of a large number of spreadsheets each covering one month of sales. At this writing I have 121 such spreadsheets stored in a folder on my computer. ARM consolidates all of those reports into a single sheet.
  2. Once the reports are consolidated, ARM can produce summary tables and charts listing:
    1. unit sales, by month, broken out by Title, Series, or Marketplace
    2. royalties, by month, broken out by Title, Series, or Marketplace

All of this is done with a few clicks of a mouse button.

ARM also provides tools for analyzing the Currencies, Titles and Marketplaces that occur in the consolidated report produced in 1 above. This allows one to inject the proper exchange rates for converting currencies to anything desired.

Go to the help page to learn how to download and configure Amazon Report Manager